From the May 28, 2002 issue of C-Ville

                                       The Marzaks, Superhuman

                                       Right at that unlikely edge where comic book pop meets old time music, the
                                       Marzaks have erected a monument to silliness. Superhuman is an utterly
                                       gratifying experiment in joke pop and sacre bleu-grass, featuring mandolins,
                                       cellos, fiddles, drums, dumb vocals and killer harmonies. Much respect.

                                       Not content to have a record overflowing with funny excursions into
                                       groove-grass and sillipop, Superhuman affords the Marzaks ample opportunity to
                                       reveal their considerable musical proficiency, and high quality playing abounds.
                                       Add to this a relentless journey into the funny pages of acoustic music, and you've
                                       got a true humdinger. Word is the band performs fully pseudonymed in their own
                                       special super costumes. Could they be any cooler? I'm doubtful.

                                       Featuring a slew of unlikely regional superzeros, like Draw The Kitten's
                                       wildwoman fiddleress Cathy Monnes and Irish percussion prodigy Paddy League,
                                       the Marzaks gives a crew from diverse backgrounds a testing zone for something
                                       the Mothers of Invention might have looked upon with fondness.

                                       From the first spin of the title track and it's glorious refrain, "Now that I'm
                                       superhuman, I can do anything/but I can't make you fall in love with me," to
                                       refreshing little ditties like "She Likes To Bite," it is clear that Superhuman is
                                       destined for cult classic status. So simple, so stupid, and so brilliant.

                                       Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Get Superhuman and enjoy some cool-ass
                                       summer music for superpeople with senses of humor.

                                       -Cripsy Duck