Two new shows posted.  Several other shows are still possibilities, and we'll post them as they get confirmed.

The Outback Lodge show was fun.  We had a couple guest musicians play with us, and I think everyone enjoyed the show.

New shows posted.

17 new Prism show pictures posted. 

I have some new MP3 files from our Prism show, I just have to decide which ones to post. 15 or so new pictures will be added soon as well. We are actively promoting the CD, and hopefully we will play some shows this summer, after Mark Rock returns from a trip to China.

The Prism show went great, we played to a packed house, and managed to sell some CDs. The show was recorded by Fred Boyce, and I'll try to put up some live versions of our songs in MP3 format soon. 

Our MP3.COM site is up! Listen to some music files at www.mp3.com/marzaks
CD Baby now carries our CD, and hosts several MP3 and RealAudio clips of our music. Check out: www.cdbaby.com/marzaks

The CD has been out a week, and is currently available for purchase.  CD release concert in just over a week.

Concert postcards mailed out yesterday.  The first-ever Marzaks e-mail newsletter was sent today.

Web site updated with new design.

As of today we are supposed to get the CDs in the mail by next week (knock on wood).  The encoded song titles in the CD (that certain CD players can read) held up the duplication by a week.  We'll let you know the moment we get them.

We are planning to mail out concert postcards (to people on the mailing list) within a week or so. E-mail us if you are interested in helping us post flyers around town.