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 The Album

What is it?

Our CD is called Superhuman. It is 11 songs of pure, unadulterated dip-your-your-head-in-a-blender acoustic pop rock. Download some mp3 files to give you a better idea of our distinctive sound.

 Here's the CD cover art by Eric Olive:


How can I get it?

Just click the Buy Now button below! The CD is $12 including shipping.

You can also buy the CD from CDBaby by clicking on the link below: 


How about some more details?

The Marzaks recorded the music for the CD on a Roland VS-880EX.  The vocals (and a few other things) were recorded by Jeff Romano at his home studio in Greenwood, Va.  (Jeff is in the local group Nickeltown.)

Jeff Romano mixed and co-produced the CD with the Marzaks.
Mark Rock was the Executive Producer.

Eric Olive
designed the logo, did the layout, and drew the CD cover art.
Sally Monnes drew the pictures in the 8-page lyric booklet.

Paul Brier at
Virginia Arts Recording mastered the CD.
Oasis duplicated the CD.

The songs:

She's Dead
I Was Wrong
17 Years
She Likes to Bite

Secret Track





This page last updated June 20, 2006.