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Here are the lyrics to the songs on our CD.
All lyrics copyright 2002, Marzaks Music.

* Vigour *

Once I fell into a pit
Containing radioactive ooze
And now I'm superhuman

I can do amazing things
Like brush my teeth with nails
And bring you coffee that I found on other planets

And ever since I met you
I've been trying to convince you
That I'm something special
But you don't seem to care

Now that I'm superhuman
I can do anything
But I can't make you fall in love with me

With my superhuman X-ray vision
I can tell that my heart is broken
And now it can't be mended

You say that I'm a real nice guy
But you're not attracted to men who are
Faster than a speeding bullet

She's Dead 
* Markush *

She's blind
And she's dead
I gotta get it through my head
I told her that I love her
But she didn't reply
'Cause she's dead

She's hot
But she's cold
You know it's really getting old
She smiles at me
Then she walks away
'Cause she's cold (ice cold)

What's she really into?
I just can't tell
Seems like she must spend all her time in hell
I told her that I love her
I told her again
Maybe she just likes to cause me pain

Maybe she's just not ready for this
But I never even told her that I wanted a kiss
When she don't say nothing
I can only think
That she's dead

I Was Wrong
* Vigour / Markush *

When I met you
I was working at the Burger King
You ordered my favorite thing
A burger, fries, and a coke

Our eyes met
I couldn't help staring at you
Maybe you were glaring at me
But I was hoping for love

Now you're gone
I'm alone
So I call you on the phone
You're not there
It's not fair
I could swear
That you said
That you loved me
Swear that you said that you loved me
I was wrong

The next day
You really stole my heart
When I saw you at K-mart
Trying on clothes

I was soaring
When you said "I love you"
But just who were you talking to
Me or the mirror?

17 Years
* Vigour *

Innocent of what you said
I never want to be again
The same way I always was
But you don't seem to care

You don't know but even so
Never go away
And I say
You could be anything at all
But you choose nothing - okay

I've been waiting for you
I've been waiting for seventeen years

I've been waiting for seventeen years
Now I feel like I'm locked inside my own little world

And I know, like an old coke bottle without its CO2
I'll be here forever without you

* Markush *

Since I said goodbye
I've thought a lot about you
And 'though it makes me cry
I must live without you

I love you and I always will 
It doesn't fade away
But in some cases love can kill
So I will stay away

I kept the toaster
I see it every day
I've still got the toaster
But I won't call you today

I kept the toaster
And lots of memories
I've still got the toaster
But I got rid of the fleas

What I have to say 
Is in all seriousness
'Though it may sound thin
I wish you all the best

I don't mind the toaster
Lying on the floor
But I don't want to help you
Hate the world no more

I kept the toaster
The penknife and the shirt
But I can't stand to let you
Rub my face in the dirt

You gave me all you had to give
That I know is true
But one life is a lot to live
It's more than half of two

* Vigour / Markush *

Walking through the rain
In the middle of the night
My girlfriend kicked me out of the tent
Because we had a fight

I clutched my cheap guitar
That I bought with last month's rent
And crushed it under my weight
As I stumbled over a tent

I pulled the splinters from my face
And I began to swear
Wondering why I came to this mountain
In the middle of nowhere

Banjos ringing in my ears
Like a devil's chorus
Screaming at a fevered pitch
"We dare you to ignore us"

Clifftop, Clifftop
Subtle as Godzilla
Cold as the blacktop
On a summer afternoon

Clifftop, Clifftop
Quiet as an avalanche
The judges are as fair as an audit

I woke up the next day
I was lying on the ground
I borrowed a mandolin
Just to hear how it would sound

I figured out some chords
And I wrote this song alone
And if my girlfriend likes it
I just might have a ride home

* Monnes *

Rocket past the big blue moon
Rocket honey straight to you
Rocket rippin' through the night
Rocket turn the black light white

Rocket follow me not
Rocket turn the cold metal hot
Rocket gonna go go
Rocket flash boom oh-oh

Rocket make a blind girl cry
Rocket make the talking horse die
Rocket ride to Mars and back
Rocket twist like a Marzak

She Likes to Bite
* Markush *

She was a beauty queen at seventeen
She had an eye that was very keen
She knew what she wanted and she wanted me
Who was I to argue with destiny?

We went out one night, she looked outasite
We ate ice cream together, everything was all right
We went back to my place, the lights went out
That's when I found out

She likes to bite

So I asked her to please not use her teeth
She just looked up at me with her eyes full of grief
She said, "I'd like to but I don't think I can
You just taste too good - let me see your hand"

I said, "Wait a minute, honey, can we work this out?"
She said, "Just as soon as I find out
Why it is that you taste so fine
Please let me bite you just one more time"

It went on like this for quite some time
She bit off my legs, she bit off my mind
Now I'm inside of her and I feel all right
'Cause there's nothing left of me to bite

* Johnson / Vigour *

She's dead!

 When I met you
I was working at the Burger King

I kept the toaster
I see it every day

I've been waiting for seventeen years

Now that I'm superhuman
I can do anything

Clifftop, Clifftop,
Subtle as Godzilla


She likes to bite!
































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