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Acoustic pop-rock/punk rock/eclectic rock from Charlottesville, VA.

Our CD is now available at the iTunes Music Store for $9.99 downloads!

Exclusive MP3s of new songs! These are some unreleased, unmixed b-sides we thought you'd enjoy.

  • Hey Girl
  • Our Love Was Science Fiction
  • Marzaks Anthem
  • Lost Alone
  • Don't (Ben solo)
  • Mark Rock is playing some shows these days with his band The Dixie Licks.
    Ben is currently in post-production of his first feature-length film.
    The Marzaks are hibernating for the time being, but we'll be back!

    The Dixie Licks
    3Launch Media

    Our CD is out! Buy a copy now at CD BABY.

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    UPDATES(by Ben)

    We had tons of fun at our show tonight with Love Tentacle Drip Society and Body For Karate. I've put some early rough versions of five songs that we never really had time to properly record and release. Eventually, when we do another album, I'll re-engineer or re-record these. Enjoy! -Ben

    The members of the Marzaks are currently off doing various things in different parts of the east coast.... However, worry not, good citizens! Two shows have already been booked, and many little surprises are in the works. The LiveArts play was a smash. We played three songs and were a part of one of the most bizarre stage comedies ever. Thanks to Fran for giving us the chance to wreak havoc as usual. -Ben

    Thanks to ChrisFMHg for coming to our Blue Nile show. Thanks to B.C. for letting us in the door at Tokyo Rose, and for getting us a show at Miller's. A big shout-out to everyone who came out to make our teahouse show a smash. We are hoping to record a couple of the new songs before the summer is over. I have some ideas for a redesigning of the website, as well.

    Our Tokyo Rose show was moved from July 1 to July 22. This makes sense because Tokyo Rose is closed on July 1. Another Jabberwocky show is happening August 9. Come check us out.

    Ah, fellow Marzakians, since last I wrote we have played a string of local shows, all of which have been smashing successes. Big thanks to Mark Slezak for playing mandolin with us at Mellow Mushroom. We opened for the Free Union Farm Boys, and I think people liked us. The same night we rushed over to Jaberwoke and rocked the socks off the over-21 crowd. Ex-Marzak Pete handled sound (and played some fiddle!) and our CD's co-producer, Jeff Romano, leaped onstage with his harmonica and wowed the crowd further. Thanks, guys! And double thanks to Nickeltown for starting the night off right with their unique eclectic folksy craziness (music).

    The show at Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar was great fun; we're looking to do another show there soon.  The Marzaks will play some shows in D.C. and Richmond, and we hope to create a Marzaks media frenzy that will envelope the earth like a nanotech virus.

    We're excited to be playing some shows with wunderkind fiddler Jason (Happy Goth) and drummer Isaac (The Peanut Kid).  Come out and support us!

    Two more shows posted.

    Two more shows posted.  Mark Rock and Ben are actively playing around town as a duo.  We've got some new songs together, so come to our shows!  The Hook gave us a neat review after our last Mudhouse show.  The review is posted on the promo page.  Also, some minor website bugs fixed.

    All righty. The Mudhouse show was fun. Everyone come out to LiveArts, 609 Market St., on Sat. Feb.1 at 8 pm for our next show! The LiveArts space is across from the police station.

    Ah, a new year, a new show, and a site revamp. New pictures of the Marzaks (by Seth Hunter) have been posted in the picture gallery, and most of the old, silly ones have been taken off. We had a going-away party for Soy Boy, who is on leave indefinitely in Greece. The illustrious Ant Man is now assuming drum duties for the Marzaks. We have added a press page, so show promoters can access Marzaks information, as well as large-size Marzaks photos for print. We will be rocking the 'house on January 21 at the Mudhouse. This occasion marks the first time in history that a song titled "Mudhouse" will actually be performed at the Mudhouse. So come out and hear us!

    Small website bugs fixed. Also, a live version of "Frankenstein" has been added to our page. It should be available for download within a week.

    The show at the Tea House went great.  Lots of people got to see us be wild and crazy.  Marzaks costumed, strange teas consumed, broken string interludes, antics resumed.  We even had a fan show up in her own superhero disguise.  Many, many thanks to the Ant Man for drumming with us on very short notice.  We hope we'll get the chance to work with him again soon. 
    Note: The Acoustic Charlottesville show (March 1st) has been moved to a month earlier, February 1st. 

    Come out to the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar this Tuesday for a really fun, informal show.  It starts at 7pm, not 8pm (as previously stated).  We're playing without amplification, so it will be a really intimate atmosphere.  Guest Book function added a few days ago.  So add your name to it. 

    The Outback Lodge show was fun.  Dr. Didg is a pretty cool band, and it was cool to open for them.  A new show has been scheduled at the Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar for Nov. 12th. (changed from 11/19) 

    NOTE: The Acoustic Charlottesville show was pushed back a month.  It will now be on March 1, 2003. 

    The show at Spencer's went great!  It poured rain all day long, but stopped during our show, only to resume afterwards!  Those who missed the show also missed free drinks and candy, and Shootin' Moon's rain-resistant costume, which was made entirely from plastic bags!  Thanks to Jen and Brent for bringing soda, and to Pete for doing sound. 

    The 91.1 FM WTJU Folk-and-Beyond interview/performance went great, the Marzaks played six songs live, including a new song, Frankenstein, which I'll post online as soon as I can.  Thanks so much to Phyllis White at WTJU and Brent Emanuel at WXJM for making our live radio appearances... truly great experiences.  Thanks also to Adam at WTJU for doing sound during the Folk and Beyond show. 

    The Harrisonburg radio interview was a blast, Mark Rock and Ben played two songs live, and our CD got some much-needed radio play.  Brent Emanuel interviewed us, and a guy named Matt won a free Marzaks CD by being Caller #1. 


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